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Career Clarity with Candace
Feeling unfulfilled by your work and confused about what to do next? Sign up and download this free workbook to get a clear starting point from which to build your next best step with confidence and create the meaningful career you are longing for.

Hi, my name is Candace
And a few years ago I was exactly in your shoes. 

I was running a prestigious e-commerce company in Africa and was recognized as an expert in my field. However, I was working very hard and under a lot of pressure and did not always felt valued for what I was bringing to the business.

Plus, I had the growing desire to leverage my passions and areas of interest (coaching in my case) and making more impact. Unfortunately I had no idea how to make such a pivot while still while meeting my financial obligations, such as rent and student loan, among others. I felt stuck, peer-pressured, confused, frustrated, demotivated and overall exhausted.

But...I found a way to make my dream come true!

Using the method I am now sharing with you in this workbook, I attracted my dream career, working less hours, travelling across Africa and beyond, collaborating with prestigious organizations like l'Oréal and the Obama Foundation.

I started my own company and coached women remotely, but also during workshops in Marrakech, Nairobi, Paris and Abidjan, among others, and my work was acclaimed by international media such as RFI, TV5 and CNN. And it was only the beginning.

Thanks to this workbook you will :
What’s inside?
Grow the confidence and to take your career and personal brand & to the next level
Get a  clear starting point from which to build your next best step with confidence 
Use a framework that will allow you to leverage your best potential

Get a new understanding of your best strengths and preferences
You have worked hard to build your career, 
now is the time to make the most of it
Do not wait for another year or another crisis to pivot to the career you deserve!
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